Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fall Out Boy is Back!

Literally out of nowhere, @falloutboy reformed, released a lead single to go with a list of tour dates. Their new album is evidently out May 6th and will be titled Save Rock and Roll, which @petewentz explained by saying,
"Rock and Roll is an intangible- its an attitude- something that you feel. Fun, Danger, whatever you want to call it. When we started this band- it wasn’t for anything but ourselves- we wanted adventure, play loud music, and do it with our best friends. fast forward to 2013. we wrote some songs we felt we needed to. we feel like were back there at the beginning with only adventure and loud music again. We just want to feel real again. Save Rock and Roll is a personal statement for the band as much as anything else- because at the end of the day rock and roll saved us." -Pete Wentz
Pete was nice enough to put together a list of FAQs have come his way the past 30 hours via twitter. I can only imagine the volume of tweets and mentions they've gotten strictly on the announcement.

As far as the track is concerned, it's a attention grabbing, crowd inspiring anthem that will invite you to get up out your seat. Truthfully, the threshold for awesomness is greatly lowered when you've got @PatrickStump behind the mic. He has one of the best rock and roll voices of my generation and it really has made my day that I can look forward to another full album of material with him leading the way. Although I'll say that I really hope their new album is more Take This to Your Grave and Cork Tree than Infinity on High or Folie a Deux. In other words get back to your roots of awesomness and make more uptempo, passionate tracks like Sending Postcards or Spacecamp...#saverockandroll

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)


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