Friday, February 15, 2013

Videos of the Week February 15th

It's been a while since there has been a week where I had to make cuts because there were so many entertaining choices. I did my best to mix in some booty drums, @skullcandy and eye candy (@KateUpton) with some new well put together music videos. Not saying one bit that booty drums isn't music, but if you ask the lady second from the night whether or not it was music, I'm betting she'd give you a frosty gaze.

I wish there were more in studio collaborations like what @MikePosner, @chuckisdope, @asherroth, @ilovetmills, and @Chip216 did on the @drake inspired Started From the Bottom (Remix). Maybe I'm a nerd, but it's cool seeing artists behind closed doors when they're actually making music. It provides an added element of reality that most music can't convey through sound. In other news, the early indications are that @jtimberlake and @s_c_ might take over the world this summer...#2020Experience
Kate Upton in Take a Supermodel to Work With Big Boi & Stevie Johnson)
Mike Posner feat Asher Roth, T.Mills, Chuck Inglish & King Chip – Started From The Bottom (Remix)(Video)

Justin Timberlake feat Jay-Z - Suit & Tie (Video)

Spanish Band Patax's Music Is Everywhere Campaign

Drake - Started From the Bottom (Video)


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