Monday, February 25, 2013

Matt & Kim Synchronized Swimming Bed

I tell you what, people like @mattandkim and Jennifer Lawrence make me feel like there's hope for humanity. They both deserve to be compared to one another because they're incredibly human and sincere in a world full fakeness and hidden agendas. They aren't afraid to be themselves and aren't above acting like kids. That fact couldn't be more evident than in Matt & Kim's new video for It's Alright...
Leave it to the free-spirited Brooklyn duo to turn an ordinary bed into a pool for synchronized swimming. It's impressive the way they choreographed it and performed it with their eyes closed. Anyone else would have found a way to make two attractive people in their underwear into a sex scene, but other than the quick suggestive montage in the middle of the video, it's like watching two kids playing in the sandbox. The best part about it, the video probably cost them like $100 to shoot. Take note music industry, creativity saves money, especially when it's done in such an innovative, playful manor...#Lightning

Matt & Kim - It's Alright


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