Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pitbull + Jim Jonsin = A Good Look

Unstoppable Duo
Some producer/artist collaborations or teams are just matches made in heaven. For example, Dr. Dre with The Game or Aaliyah with Timbaland or even The Clipse with the Neptunes. Regardless, the two pictured above are producing such consistent hits every single time they work together, you could say they are the now version of an unstoppable team. Here's plenty of recent evidence why:

Pitbull - Call of the Wild (prod by Jim Jonsin) Hooot Club!!

Pitbull - Give Me a Bottle (prod by Jim Jonsin) Best creative Club sample off new album!

Pitbull - Room Service (prod by Jim Jonsin) Best Club beat off new album!

Pitbull feat B.O.B. - Across the World (prod by Jim Jonsin) Current Favorite!

Gotta love it too that at the beginning of every one of the songs, he gives a shout out to JJ. Probably because he knows how lucky he is to be teaming up with such a talented producer that continues to make his name known with all of these ridiculously hot songs. My current favorite is that B.O.B. Across the World track, so if you're tired of hearing the first three tracks when you go out every night, give the last one a chance because its a lot more mellow and likeable in a different way than the other three club tracks.

It's Cooooommmiinnngggg...and approaching Classic status....

September 1st


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