Saturday, August 08, 2009

Concert Review: Trapt and Puddle of Mudd

I'll first start off by giving a little background on the week long event called Musikfest that takes place every August in Bethlehem, PA. It's a pretty cool week long festival that more or less centers around music and drinking...both fun activities especially when experienced at the same time.

This year the headliners were David Cook, Third Eye Blind, Matt Nathanson, Trapt and Puddle of Mudd. Pretty solid lineup all in all. The concert I immediately circled was Trapt and Puddle of Mudd though. I have always been a pretty avid fan of Trapt and fondly remember freshman year in college at Ohio State listening to my boy Schneid play the acoustic guitar in our dorm room when he learned the chords to their song Stories...which was my favorite song...and they neglected to play it. But that's another story....

Luckily for me I had with me a Musikfest veteran who knew the ropes like where to park and how to turn lawn seats into front row seats, stuff like that. As you can see by the pictures, we were all up in the grill of Trapt when they performed, which was awesome. The only thing was...they are a band who thrives on their lead singer Chris Brown's vocals...and for some strange reason the sound board refused to turn up his mic. As a result we were literally five feet away from him and still could barely hear what he was saying or even what song it was. See video clip below of Trapt performing
Who's Going Home With You Tonight:

Needless to say, pretty underwhelming set by Trapt that left a lot to be desired. Moving on to Puddle of Mudd who absolutely rocked. I really had forgotten how much I liked some of their songs, most notably Away From Me and Blurry. Luckily whatever sound issues that were going on with Trapt, did not continue for Puddle of Mudd. Watch the video below of them performing Blurry.

Pretty decent concert all in all to wrap up a pretty entertaining week of Musikfest. Below are a few more pics of the concert:


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