Monday, August 03, 2009

Tech Must Have: Skip Screen Add-On

For those of you (like me) who frequently download files and treat the internet like a big playground, this add-on is a
must. Now I know a lot of you have moved on to Google Chrome because it loads faster or if you have a Mac you prefer Safari, but my vote is definitely for Mozilla Firefox.

So many cool add-ons like Download Statusbar and FireFox Universal Uploader, but this one definitely wins for saving me the most time during a day. Basically whenever you go to download a file from one of the well known free file hosts (,,,, (the best),,, DivShare, it skips the mandatory waiting time that you would usually have to wait to get a link to download the file.

Watch demo...

And here's the installer...just make sure you have FireFox installed before you try and install the add-on...sadly that's not always self explanatory...

Install Skip Screen to Firefox

Check the next post to try out Skip Screen....I'll post a link for you to try it on...


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