Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Song of the Year??? Drake feat Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem - Forever

Off the new upcoming Lebron James documentary More Than a Game. Early comparisons to Swagga Like Us are both fair and legitimate.

Early indications are that this will be the better of the two heavyweight tracks because Drake and Kanye's verses are pretty fierce and dwarf the overall pretty average verses throughout Swagga despite the start studded lineup.

Drake takes out some aggression with his "Look I done made it haters!" tone and Kanye continues his string of downright vulgar but genius punchlines on his verse.

Weezy's verse leaves a bit to be desired and honestly I'm just happy Em is starting to get back in the game collaborating and sounding somewhat serious and hungry when he's rhyming again...despite sounding like he's tryin to keep up with the beat his whole verse. Shake the rust off Marshall, I got big hopes for Relapse 2 because its the last shot you got at keepin' my respect after the last few albums.

It is what it is, give it a few listens, let it grow on you...

Drake feat Kanye West Lil Wayne & Eminem - Forever (prod by Boi-1da) MUST HAVE!!!


Anonymous March 29, 2010 at 12:00 AM  

Stop it TK, the only reason that song is even worth puttin on a CD, is so that i can hit fast forward as soon as the song comes on and skip the mindless raps of drake, the ever so over rated kanye west, and the always commercial and bombed out of his head lil wayne to get to the illest motha f***er in the game....eminem. so to give it the song of the year? little bold, but our favorite white boy from the motor city sure makes the fast forward button fun to hit......MP

TK March 29, 2010 at 5:45 PM  

Peck..c'mon man, first of all there is a BIG question mark at the end of me saying Song of the Year for a reason...mostly because it was over-hyped and while I do agree Em brought it on his verse, that was the first time (other than on Drop the World with Lil Wayne) that he's brought any kind of real energy and effort to his verses since 02 with Eminem Show. In my eyes he took a solid 8 yrs off producing nothing but crap, rapping in his whiny voice and talking about cracked out stuff that just came from him doin' drugs. You need to get learned on some Drizzy boy, there's a good reason why they are callin' him the Lebron James of this rap game...listen to November 18th by Drake and tell me he isn't legit...

Anonymous March 29, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

ok ok ok, point taken about em. He self admits that he put out all junk wha'll he was in an 8 year self induced coma (June 2009 issue of Vibe, which on the vibe issue that was simply amazing and I agree that 1998 is the best and the year to beat). So i woul;d never dispute that (relapse was best album of 09 by the way) . Im just simply saying that EM has his own style, that was created by him for the most part, and its evident that drake has to cop a few other peoples to make his own. I give him all the respect for his sucess(even tho it was intended to be underground it made its way to pop-status in about a week)and his game I just don't think could hold the top five in the game's jock strap that all. And ill list those so you can see where i stand. (In no praticular order).....EM, Luda, Wayne, Andre, & prolly T.I if I had thats on lyrical game (nothing to do with sales) and their jaw droppin, punchline madness of raw shit...and of course my opinion, mostly, thats all...MP

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