Sunday, August 23, 2009

Album Review: America...David Guetta has arrived

David Guetta - One Love

What do you get when you mix European club music with American R&B/Pop?? The answer to that is simply David Guetta. He is fairly well known in France as a DJ and prior to this release he had released four albums without anyone in America really knowing about him.

That all is quickly changing as he has more or less created a new genre of music known as Hip-House in his new album title One Love. While a lot of traditional Hip Hop heads will more or less write this off as an extremely pop mutation of Hip Hop and the traditional Euro trance fans will probably get annoyed that David more or less sold out at the mercy of Contemporary American musical taste, I am a big fan of both respective styles and will willingly adopt this beautiful creation of upbeat Hip Hop. In my eyes this is a stellar combination of two contrasting music genres that, generally speaking, are demographically polar opposites.

If I were you I would go out and cop the album right now, but in case you don't you should definitely give a full listen to a few songs. My guess is you have already heard his two most popular songs on the album When Love Takes Over and Getting Over somewhere on the radio or out clubbin. Not much to say other than they are extremely catchy pop/club songs that are going to continue to be in heavy rotation because of how wildly popular they are.

Those two songs aside, in my opinion, the best song on the album is a toss up between either Sexy Bitch with Akon or Memories with B.O.B. Sexy Bitch definitely has the in your face lyrical sassiness that will undoubtedly appeal to its target demographic club goers, as well as those will instantly hear Akon and like the song, which happens all too often. The second song, Memories, is probably the coolest cross genre mashup/collaboration I have heard in a long time. This song continues to show how the new up and coming Hip Hop acts are freeing themselves from the myopic, traditional sound of Hip Hop music if favor of trying new, creative and even daring collaborations. From the bouncy piano sample moving to the house style BPM beat to the chorus with the addictive vocal coo-ing? (I really don't know what to call it, it's just B.O.B. impersonating a club sounding synthesizer), while adding to it the theme of the song which is letting go and just having a great time out, it's an extremely fun track. I would pick this any day over the rival Black Eyed Peas "Have fun summer anthem" I Gotta Feeling as this is more evidence of why Hip Hop is becoming so much more than just Rap.

Overall I give it a strong 4 headphones rating, bordering on 4.5 just because it is a great, one of a kind compilation of fun, entertaining Pop/Club songs. Many songs on this album should be made into singles and I hope it does get the credit it deserves because trying to create a Techno/Dance album and making it appeal to the Contemporary crowd is no small task...Cascada is the only one that comes to mind as an artist who has pulled it off.

Here are three of my favorite tracks from the album that you may not have heard yet.

David Guetta B.O.B. - Memories Best song on Album!

David Guetta feat Akon - Sexy Bitch Club Anthem!

David Guetta feat Ne-Yo & Kelly Rowland - Choose Underrated track!


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