Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Louis the Child and Whethan Make Sweet Honey Together

Listening to Louis the Child and Whethan's new mixtape affirms something I've always believed. When talents artists decide to tour together, good things happen. And what I mean by good things is more good music for all of us to enjoy that we wouldn't have been privy to if they didn't spend so much time on the road together.

Honey is chalked with instrumental fire from the moment you press play. While Chop It Up is the current favorite of the six tracks, the choppy, slo-mo reggaeton with bass and big horns of Tengo Mas is already growing on me. I don't need to tell you how much you'll like it if you're already a fan of either artist, but for those who aren't acquainted with their music, there's more than enough below to convince you to take a deep dive into both artists' discography...#Honey

Louis the Child x Whethan - Honey Mixtape


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