Thursday, January 18, 2018

Francis and The Lights Comes Through on Just For Us

In my old age, I feel myself gravitating more toward this mellow, electropop sound that Francis and The Lights are known for. There's a distinctness of Francis Farewell Starlite's vocals reel me in with every new track. Like for example Francis's new one, Just For Us. That 80s style synth backdrop with quiet, marching tempo isn't anything that will get you out of your seat, but it's a perfect canvas for the throwback pop vocals of FFS.

Their new one is the title track off their recent surprise release on December 28th. I can't say I'm a big enough fan of Francis that I immediately ran to Spotify to comb through the new release, but their new one below did everything it could to steer me that direction. If you're as curious as I was after listening to their new one, check it out on iTunes or Spotify...#JustForUs

Francis and The Lights - Just For Us (prod by Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, & Bon Iver)


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