Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"You Can Bring a Bullet, Bring a Sword, Bring a Morgue"

With some many Hip Hop artists continuing to make songs, artists like Kendrick Lamar that legitimately make music are continuing to stand out. The different between the two may lie in the grey area of semantics, but in my eyes there's a level of composition and instrumentation that helps separate K Dot's music from the masses. He and Chance the Rapper are simply operating at a high level than fill in the blank rapper because of how well they're able to blend their skills as lyricists with interesting beats and songs with meaning.

Also worthy of note is that All the Stars will be appearing on the upcoming Black Panther: The Album. No word on what else will be on the album, but I do know that Track 9 is 3:49 mins long 😬...

Shout out to SZA for the pristine hook by the way. I was already looking forward to seeing the movie and now the prospect of a hype soundtrack makes seeing the movie almost a sure thing. Soundtrack drops on Feb 9th and the movie drops a week later on the 16th. Join me in looking forward to all the other music that's going to drop off the soundtrack before then...#BlackPantherSoundtrack

Kendrick Lamar feat SZA - All the Stars


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