Saturday, April 02, 2016

"I'm Gonna Love You Inside Out"

Looking back, I remember the days when we used to yearn for original tracks from The Chainsmokers. They were so good at re-imagining tracks that you may not have heard of into stellar remixes. Now that they're ten plus original singles deep, questioning whether they could carve out their own style sounds outlandish. Sure, Roses going double platinum definitely helped solidify their place in EDM's elite, but their steady stream of great new singles speaks to their staying power.

Their latest creation, Inside Out, is yet another destined for mainstream success. Featuring the vocals of Charlee, it fits the model of a ballad disguised in EDM form. The sappy vocals will lure you in, but the calming excitement post drop is what people will remember. Time will tell whether or not it has the ceiling of Roses, but there's no doubt that this is another huge step in the right direction from everyone's favorite lovable duo...#InsideOut

The Chainsmokers feat Charlee - Inside Out


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