Thursday, April 07, 2016

"I Wanna Know, I Wanna Know, Hey-ey-ey, Hey-ey-ey"

When I see "new Alesso single", excitement follows. Add in Nico & Vinz on the vocals and I'm all the sudden rushing to hit the play button. I gained a lot of respect for the Norwegian duo when they opened for Kygo and brought a ton of energy to the stage. If you're expecting a made for radio hit, you're in luck with I Wanna Know. It's much more melodic pop than electronic, but I have no issues with that given my expectations prior to pressing play. It's easy on the ears and you'll ultimately find yourself nodding your head to it if it's on in the background. Love to see talented people collaborate to make better music collectively than they'd make alone...#IWannaKnow

Alesso feat Nico & Vinz - I Wanna Know


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