Monday, April 04, 2016

Alan Walker's Faded is a Modern Day Classic

First off, I have no clue how I slept on Alan Walker's Fade when it was released a year ago. Mesmerizing doesn't begin to explain the impact of the instrumental. It sits comfortably in that sweet spot between calm and energetic. I'm still in awe that the original beat is available on Soundcloud for free. Check it out if you haven't fallen victim to awe inspiring original...

Now fast forward to a month ago when Alan debuted a new ballad version of Fade at X Games Oslo. The track is appropriately titled Faded and features vocals from Iselin Solheim. I'm still torn on whether or not the vocals are a major boost to the original, but you're not going to hear me complaining. If anything the two versions provides different experiences that cater toward different moods. Fade for zoning out and Faded if you're in the mood for singing along. That being said, go ahead and sing along to the live version debuted in Norway last month...#Faded


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