Tuesday, April 05, 2016

"Got So Many Chains They Call Me Chaining Tatum"

Songs like Pop Style don't need any introduction. You're going to press play regardless of what I say about it because of the immense star power on it. Both Drake and Kanye did everything in their power to deliver memorable verses. The way they were both able to duck and weave between tough talk and creative one liners is why they're two of the best. Do I wish Hov would have gotten more mic time than his short cameo? Sure, in a perfect world, but between the verses and eerie beat by SEVN Thomas and Frank Dukes, the song finds a way to be memorable. I say memorable because there's a decent chance I'm going to end up liking the more uptempo, reggaeton tinged One Dance more than Pop Style. The jury isn't out yet on picking a favorite, but I want to personally thank Drake for taking me across the finish line to a million hits. Cheers to hoping Views From the 6 will be every bit as memorable as the 2332 posts that eventually took this small property on the internet to something noteworthy to a few folks...#PopStyle

Drake ft The Throne (Kanye West & Jay Z) - Pop Style (prod by SEVN Thomas & Frank Dukes)
Streamable links dap to 2dopeboyz


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