Sunday, April 03, 2016

"You Talk Like You Got the Juice and the Squeeze"

First off, the irony isn't lost on me that the two posts leading up to a million hits on this blog are The Chainsmokers and Drake tracks. The two of them combined have fueled an immense amount of daily reflection that has kept the wheels turning on this steady whip of a blog. Let's not discount those who have fallen too because even though we're going on 8 years since Pimp C passed in his sleep, his influence on my love for Southern Hip Hop back in high school can't be understated. Times change, people change, music changes, but there's always been an emotional component to artists' music that resonates with me. I spend too much time classifying music in hopes of putting it in a nice, neat container that will be easy to understand, but the underlying point is that music I write about moves me. I could spend just as much time, if not more, writing about music I don't like, but I literally don't have the resources to write about music that doesn't resonate with me. If you want that, you wouldn't come back here on a daily basis, you'd go to another blog that has the means to be much more critical and thorough.

What I'm trying to say is...thanks! For listening to me wax poetic two paragraphs at a time every night and giving the tracks that move me a chance to find their rotation into your music source. It means a lot and although it's taken five plus years to hit a goal I set out for on day one, the repetition of constant reflection has been just as beneficial to me as it has been for those of you who ended up pressing play below.

end_reflective_rantMoving on to the new 40 produced track below that will presumably land on Drake's upcoming Views From the 6 album. Despite the fact that the Pimp C verse has been recycled a few times, hearing his tough, calculated tone on a new Drake track was refreshing. The Amber Rose cameo at the beginning was appropriate given the context of the track, but Drizzy put in work with the sing-songy raps that got him to where he's at today. Seamlessly going between hook and verses is what he does best and he showed it on Faithful. While there's no firm release date on his new album, the best guess to date is April (this month). We'll see if the three leaked tracks this week have any impact on that, but my guess is we'll be getting a new package in the mail sooner than later...#Faithful

Drake feat Pimp C - Faithful (prod by Noah "40" Shebib)


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