Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Through the Shake of an Earthquake I Will Never Fall...That's How Strong My Love is..."

While taking my first lap around Alicia's new project, The Element of Freedom, I couldn't seem to get past track 6. No matter what I did, the previous track button ended up being pressed after the song ended...weird how sometimes that happens?

You might ask why...well...the main reason centers around the fact that she has an angel's voice...add to that a little piano with a dose of strings in the background and it's over. Her music is powerful...I don't know how I could better describe it, she exudes such a soothing harmony with her voice, but always manages kick up the intensity a few notches toward the end in a soulful way unmatched by any R&B artist.

This song is perfect for the holiday season where everyone is eager to show just how strong their love is and you reading this should be no exception. Especially this time of year, don't be afraid to show or tell someone that through the deepest waters you wouldn't ever let them drown.

After finishing a mile around her new album this song is still my favorite and I encourage you to give it a listen because it just might put a smile on your face similar to the one I'm currently wearing with it playing in the background...

Alicia Keys - That's How Strong My Love Is Best Song Off New Album!!!


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