Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Jason Derulo - Fairytale

He keeps 'em coming, this one being more of a mid tempo ballad that focuses on his vocals instead of one of those attention grabbing beats he's become known for...

Not my favorite track of his, but lyrically very well done from the start:

Get a load of this,
She said I turned to a prince off of just one kiss,
Is this a joke I missed?,
While she was with somebody else this was all a trick,
Grew up and realized,
That happiness is a lie,
Just with that I could run and face reality,
Once upon a time I had a reason,
To wake up every day continue breathin',
Til she threw our love away,
Cause I discovered one enchanted evening,
That sleeping beauty all alone was cheating,
That's when I knew that love was fake

Give it a listen:

Jason Derulo - Fairytales New!!!

As a bonus, here's his new uptempo, radio friendly, potentially single worthy track Key To My Heart...

Give it a listen:

Jason Derulo - Key To My Heart prod by JR Rotem (shout) Hooott!!!


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