Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jason Derulo - Sky's the Limit (prod by JR Rotem)

Looks like J Derulo is about to be three singles deep with his album still two months away from being released (Feb 2010). For this one, he stays true to his feel good, mid-tempo and upbeat style. If I were to compare it to a song, I would compare it to Chris Brown's Forever with it's methodical, back and forth, dance floor friendly beat and uplifting lyrics. Don't get it twisted, Forever > Sky's the Limit by far, but there are lots of similarities with the two talented artists with great voices combining with a great producer (Polow da Don & JR Rotem) to create a radio friendly pop anthem. Imagine that, a song trying to uplift it's listeners the same way the girl he talks about in the song does to him.

In my opinion Whatcha Say > Fairytale > In My Head > Sky's the Limit...(Fairytale has not been confirmed as a track that has made the official track list) just sayin'...can anyone say multi-platinum debut?

My guess is JD is trying to release his music as quickly as possible now that he has taken a lead-opening role in Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour. It would probably be in his best interests for fans to know a couple more songs than Whatcha Say when they go to see him, so go ahead and give his 3rd single Sky's the Limit a listen:

Jason Derulo - Sky's the Limit (prod by JR Rotem) new single!!


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