Sunday, December 27, 2009

"I Looked an Angel in the Eye and Since Then I've...Been Paralyzed..."

I've been sitting on this one for while, but it's grown on me so much that I feel inclined to share. Automatically when I saw B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray on the remix, I made an effort to give it a couple listens. There was just something about it that stood out as noteworthy and initially I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It has a very simple, Moby sounding, rolling, non-R&B percussion going on which didn't really sound all that appealing at first.

But after actually listening to the lyrics a bit, I found a lot I could relate with. I'm a big non-verbal guy, I learn more about people through observing than talking when face to face. I don't know if I truly believe in the whole love at first sight type of eye contact, but when at a bar there's definitely a yes/no switch that is tied into making eye contact. All you reckless eyeballers know what I'm talkin' about...eye contact is about confidence, confidence is sexy, sexiness is determined more by how you act than how you dress. Yea, I meant it, but don't get it too twisted, it's about 60% the way you carry yourself and 40% about how well you initially convince everyone on first impression that you look good.

I digress...the real reason why I've ended up liking this track is because of B.O.B.'s well crafted cameo verse:

Well, I used to be mellow,
Until our eyes both connected like a metro,
How you, how you ain't think you special?
C'mon girl you had me a hello
And so we started to kick it like a pedal
And in love we started to fall bellow
I mean below
And as the story goes
I started doin' shows
Eventually I landed on the west coast
So I went with the flow
And then i called your phone
And so we ended up runnin' around town like Goldie
Hynotizin' cinnamin eyes I'm frozen
Back and forth we would go yo-yo'in
And I'm hopin
That you would see how I was feelin' wide open
And I'm not, I'm not feelin' imposin'
But if it's you with me then baby I'm rollin' yea!

Maybe it's because it resonates with me personally, but there's something about the potential for the inexplicable rush that first impressions bring that hits home. The way B.O.B. turns words into an experience makes it that much more relatable with the ad-libs and interesting rhyme combination. Below doesn't rhyme with mellow, but he makes it work and its not even noticeable, it just blends in because he makes it fit. Another reason I'm a big fan and anxiously awaiting his aforementioned upcoming album.

Give it a listen:

Mario feat B.O.B. - Before She Said Hi (remix) Hot Guest Spot!!!

As a Bonus, check out B.O.B.'s new single Nothin on You and heads up on Bruno Mars, he has some serious R&B potential:

B.O.B. feat Bruno Mars - Nothing on You Hot New Single!!!


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