Monday, December 07, 2009

New R&B Anthem & Top R&B Song of November...Bei Meajor - Drunk In The Club (prod by Jim Jonsin)

I'm just as guilty as anyone for sleepin' on this up and coming R&B star, Bei Maejor. Sure I've seen his name being featured here and there the past couple months on R&B and Hip Hop tracks, but it was until August where I heard his song Powerless and made a mental note to find some more music from him.

Then over Thanksgiving I came across his new track called Drunk In The Club and it was over with. It has that addictive, feel good party track feeling to it, from the slow and steady Jim Jonsin beat to the chorus that erupts with energy, to Bei's absolutely on point vocals. It's not very hard to see why other very well known artists (Ne-Yo, T-Pain, Mary J Blige, Flo-Rida, Ghostface Killah, Chingy, Ginuwine, Trey Songz, Letoya Luckett, Bun-B and Plies) have come to this 23 year old from of all places, Detroit, Michigan, for production assistance.

Here's a good interview from NODFACTOR.COM , where Bei describes his production as...

"Kids playing on drums and synthesizers in a South American Rainforest"

Can't say I've ever heard someone describe their work as that, but hey gotta give some dap for bein' unique. For good reason, he's being called Ne-Yo's protege, which are some huge footsteps to follow. Here's an interview by Boss Lady down in Ne-Yo's Compound Studios where he comes off as extremely soft spoken and grateful to be in the position of being able to work with Ne-Yo for over 7 months and talk about how did he most of his writing in his dorm room for big name artists:

In the interview he discusses how most of his writing and production wasn't meant for his own personal solo career, but clearly he's throwin' us for a loop with that statement. Needless to say, if this doesn't do some serious damage on the radio, the gap between good music and what is on the radio will have widened by another football field. Anyways, enough rhetoric, here's his new debut single Drunk In The Club, produced by the man himself, Mr. Debut Single himself, Jim Jonsin...who is physically and audibly incapable of producing anything less than hits...Check it out....

Bei Meajor - Drunk In The Club (prod by Jim Jonson) Hooooooottttttt!!!

As a bonus, I had this track ranked pretty high on my August Song List I sent out...give it a listen, it's produced by one of the best, JR Rotem.

Bei Maejor - Powerless (prod by JR Rotem)
Great Ballad!!


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