Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Artist Spotlight - Tony Collins

Other than maybe Kevin Cossum, I don't think I'm more excited about any other up and coming R&B artist more than I am Tony Collins. Kev Cossum has the backing of Danja, which cannot be understated, but this dude nicknamed "The Boy Wonder" (not to be confused with Boi -1da) is seemingly carving his own niche by himself.

Even better, he's only 21 and doin' his absolute best to hold down BK to the fullest. My only guess to why he is unsigned is that there is some kind of bidding war going on because I am already a firm believer after listening to just two tracks. Sadly, its damn near impossible to find info on him other than he started singing/songwriting at the age of 12.

The comparisons to Chris Brown are fair and mostly accurate voice wise, but I feel like what Chris Breezy has to offer with dancing, you counter with lyrics. Needless to say it's stupid that you only have like 35k total plays on your MySpace page because the upbeat synth beats you're sporting so far will cater to what the general populace is liking now...and that's not an insult, it's good news for you if you wanna make a name for yourself. For being unsigned you have a very refined sound and that is probably thanks to the time you've spent writing lyrics. Add it all up...the aforementioned lyrical experience, simple but catchy beats prod by C.F. and the very underrated Oak of Knightwritaz, your soulful voice, sprinkle in some occasional rapping, all in all you've got lots to offer Boy Wonder.

I know my modest opinion on this blog post won't do much to get your name out there, but rest assured you do have fans on both coasts because I will do my part to get your music to their ears with my Monthly Song List I send out.

Give these songs a listen, you'll feel ahead of the curve being a fan before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon:

Tony Collins - Get Into You (prod by C.F.) Hoooot Mid-Tempo Ballad!!!
Tony Collins - Fall in Love (prod by Oak) Addictive Slow Jam!!!


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