Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dude Perfect....YouTube legends

Now these are the type of internet sensations I like to talk about. Who are Dude Perfect you may ask? Just six guys that knew each other from college who decided to creatively find ways to pull a basketball into a hoop. Has anyone else noticed that on a lot of ESPN shows they have been plugging people who do creative trick shots all the sudden?

Not sure if these guys inspired that movement, but I wouldn't doubt it. All the usual thoughts will pop into your head like is this real?, how many takes did it take to makes some of these shots?...all worthwhile questions, but needless to say, they are good at it and it is real. (It's on the internet is has to be right??? Seriously kidding for all of you who don't know my humor...haha)

This is the best compilation of shots I could find by them, check it out:

The craziest thing about all these shots are that the person watching the shots hardly ever react to the ball going in. The do play it like they just expect everything to work and the reactions from the person shooting going nuts adds to it too. Here's their newest video where they claim to have made the longest basketball shot ever:

The best part is they find a way to give back and aren't solely trying to do this to become famous or even rich off the idea...even though they should hopefully be getting compensated for this kind of creativity. They are donating some of their proceeds to Compassion International who sponsors disadvantaged kids around the globe.

I say Amen brothers keep doin' your thing, I hope you keep it up because I am definitely a fan. They actually have a YouTube channel if you want to check that out too.


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