Friday, September 11, 2009

Rhymefest - Make Love in Binary Code = Nerdy Creative Hip Hop

As a self proclaimed nerd and full time Hip Hop fan I enjoy lyrics that are a little out there, cryptic and are such that not everyone understands them. Better yet I enjoy the fact that Hip Hop is recognizing its ever evolving fan base that has morphed into a genre that is increasingly catering to technology savvy bloggers who serve as the thunder before the storm in the Hip Hop world, letting you know what's coming before it hits. And how is Hip Hop responding?

Partly with songs like Rhymefest's Binary Code that, aside from the abbreviation soup that any texter can understand, finds a way to make Hip Hop even more entertaining and relevant to a growing demographic. The sheer fact that he could include so many abbreviations coherently, while maintaining his flow over the beat and mentioning so many pop culture tech references gets my respect.

Notable Quotables:

"If you like me, don't take it lightly, hit me on the nightly, later you can skype me"

"Real foxy mama, you a BBW (big beautiful woman), she sent a Lol, I'm chillin at my hotel"

"You might as well, slide through how could you say no, she sent a semi colon parenthesis LMAO, she sent a brb, I'm like ttyl, she said OMG, WTF how could you gon make me sweat?"

For the record the 1011100 in the chorus doesn't even translate out to anything because binary is translated in segments of 8 numbers (octets) and the chorus only has 7 consecutive 1s and 0s, which means it is lacking that last digit.

Check it out though:

Rhymefest feat Ladybug Mecca - Binary Code prod by BKS


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