Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Rocked it Better? RaVaughn or Madonna - Revolver

Finally we get the finished version of one of the most hyped collabos in recent years with Madonna hooking up with Lil Weezy for a pop anthem.

Other than the obvious interest generated by two of the biggest music names getting together on a track, you may wonder why so much hype been built with this track...

The answer lies in the attention grabbing demo done by demo/background singer RaVaughn. Needless to say girl has got a voice on her and you may someday soon know her name, mostly because of doing reference tracks like this.

So who rocked it better?

RaVaughn feat Lil Wayne - Revolver Hot Demo!!

Madonna feat Lil Wayne - Revolver Pop Anthem!!

GWDJ verdict: Tough call on this one, almost to a point of a coin flip. Will the Madonna one get 100 times more radio play? Yes, but there's something to be said for the "original" sound of a song and when I hear this track initially I really like the R&B sound it had with RaVaughn's vocals over it. It just fits better adds more energy to the track. When I heard the Madonna version, it sounded more mellow and less in your face. In my opinion, when you're talking about you love being a revolver and your sexy bein a killer you better be bringin some energy and swag to the track. As a result, I give the nod to the demo version done by RaVaughn, but Madonna feel free to make mad money off this very radio friendly anthem with Weezy F cause you rocked it well too.


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