Monday, September 14, 2009

Did They Do the Sample Justice? Chamillionaire - Good Morning vs Tom Petty - Free Fallin

Interesting use of the classic guitar riff from Tom Petty's Free Fallin. This is supposedly the first single off Chamillionaire's third studio album titled Good Morning.

Seems nowadays no classic single regardless of genre is untouchable when it comes to creating a sample for a Hip Hop beat. Which begs the question, did King Koopa do this sample justice??

GWDJ Verdict: Although I do enjoy the beat and to be fair, he didn't really ruin the sample by trying to do anything crazy different with it and in general it's lighthearted, likeable make it a sing along rap song dedicated to haters doesn't sit well with me when keeping in mind the original song. Yea, I get it, sarcastic tone sayin Good Morning to the haters and all...just little too "over-done" and manufactured, seeking to gain as much radio-play as possible in my opinion. As a result, I will continue rocking Tom Petty's version because Cham did not do the sample justice.

You be the judge:


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