Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top R&B Song of November...Rihanna - Cold Case Love

Wow look at you RiRi...takin' a page out of Phil Collins's In the Air Tonight with your new track Cold Case Love (off her new album Rated R).

This track has a real One Republic sort of feel with the sorrow-filled organ and strings filling the instrumental. You could say lyrically this is the "I don't know why we just suddenly broke up anthem"...ya know where things abruptly end out of the blue and afterwards you feel like you're trying to sort through the clues to find out why...but all you're left with is questions and lack of closure? I do...

It's very subtle, but as the song progresses elements are added to the beat. Starting with initial organ backdrop, throw in some strings after the first verse and then BAM! outta the blue at the 3:45 mark, you have that In the Air Tonight style, cascading drum that injects energy into the song, accentuating the finish of the lyrically emotional roller-coaster-esque song.

Very well done, my hat is off to your Justin Timberlake and Rob Knox for writing producing such a great track. Give it a listen folks, this one has that timeless to feel to it and will eventually be regarded as the standout track on her new album.

Rihanna - Cold Case Love (Written by Justin Timberlake) BEST SONG Off Rated R!!!


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