Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Salute to All the Veterans and Girl Your Love is Like a Nuclear Weapon..." Sean Kingston Concert Review

Sean Kingston live at Crock Rock

So the true highlight of last weekend was this:

...but before I could get to watching the Buckeyes dismantle the Nittany Lions in person, I took a trip up the block to see Kisean Anderson (you knew that was Sean Kingston's real name right) do his thing in concert.

Going into the concert I had very reasonable expectations for the concert...yea he's got some songs I like, but his music and everything that goes into his songs didn't really strike me as something you'd necessarily "look forward to in concert." And as a result, I had a good time. He played most of the songs I wanted to hear (but he did leave out Wrap You Around Me, which is currently my favorite off his album Tomorrow) like Me Love and Fire Burning to go along with:

I'm at War feat Lil Wayne....

...the timeless Beautiful Girls

and of course his new heat rock and personal favorite
Face Drop

All in all a pretty small crowd and fairly lackluster when it came to bringing the energy in supporting the artist, which Sean could definitely tell (since he went through the motions, which is mostly what we deserved as an audience). Still I can't complain, I had low expectations and a relatively fun time. I do wish he could have conjured up maybe just one encore song, but again, it's not like we were chanting his name begging for one. It was sorta like an amicable break up at the end of the night where we had fun but both sides were better off just turning around and continuing their lives without one got me?

Either way I wanna extend a Happy Veterans Day out to all. I myself have plenty of friends and family who have held down the country through their tireless work in the armed forces. I would have been remiss if I hadn't given them a Lil Weezy style shout out in the title (which by the way wasn't meant to be belittle our Veterans' efforts in any way with meaningless rap lyrics). Just seemed fitting and convenient that Sean chose to play Weezy's verse in I'm At War in an attempt to personify the struggles of love...but seriously there are a lot of people really at war and they deserve the love and respect beyond what little words I can offer to support their effort.


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