Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Drake Verse off New Song Performed Live

You'll have to fast forward a bit to find the new verse, but it's clearly marked. Here is the verse if you're curious what you're missin' out on by not watching the video:

Man I'm the one, and you should let the boys know too,
Show them fellas every single thing I showed you,
I'm here feelin' like 50 back in 02,
And erbody sayin I'm the true,
But what does it take to feel secure?
A place with wooden floors, space to put awards,
Couple of parking spots, maids to do the chorus,
The cars you always wanted, the women that you adore,
Well I got it, I got it,
I wonder if I'd be happy without it,
I doubt it,
I try not to really think about it,
I made it, but I'm still playin' like I'm bein' scouted...til I'm outed,
Gametime b****, I know you're proud of us,
King James ish watch me throw the powder up,
This OG got my whole suite clouded up,
And I betcha I'll be outta time fore I'm outta luck
They ain't rootin for me,
They ain't clappin for me,
I'm always sayin' can't somebody just be happy for me
I really hate to tell you I told you so, so I bite my tongue...but you know you know"

Fierce...that's about all the adjective needed to describe that verse.


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