Thursday, November 19, 2009

Swine Flu? No Problem...Juelz Santana's Mixin Up the Medicine

Every now and again Juelz drops a track that blows me away and puts him right back towards the top of my list of favorite rappers. He's definitely got that witty swag about his verses, similar to say Fabolous or even what Drake is now showing us. He really does tend to step his game up whenever he get's to rap over great beats. I'll give you three of my favorites that serve as lesser known examples of great Santana verses:

1. All I gotta say is the Heatmakerz are fools for the following beat. Earlier in this decade they did some some of the most unique sampling on their beats and produced some crazy stuff, mostly for Diplomats. This is a shining example too, sort of a booty shakin anthem and Juelz is the ringleader. Check it out:

Diplomats feat Juelz Santana & Freeway - My Love prod by Heatmakerz Hooooottttt Beat!!!

2. I'll adamantly deny ever being a fan of anything Jim Jones, but he seems to bring out the best in Juelz, so I cope. Needless to say the deep bassline and haunting organ make this track infectious. Oh yea did I mention Juelz's Hall of Fame yourself a favor and fast forward to it.

Jim Jones feat Juelz Santana - Emotionless HOOTTTT CLASSIC!!!!

3. Ah back in the day when all was well in the Dipset neighborhood...Cam and Juelz did some classic ish back in the day, no denying that. And this stadium jumpoff beat is simply more evidence of that. I may even like Juelz's verse on this one better than Emotionless, it's that classic.

Jim Jones feat Cam'ron & Juelz Santana - Pin the Tail CLASSIC DIPSET!!!

Anyways, back to the heat rock at hand, here's Juelz's new high energy single title Mixin' Up the Medicine. I tell ya what, there's just somethin' about the southern, country Alabama dialect on this chorus that YelaWolf delivers that is fresh. Do yourself a favor and play this one at the next party you go to and watch everyone start chanting the chorus by the 3rd hook. Lords know I will be practicin' what I preach...can't wait to get this on wax. Check it out:

Juelz Santana feat YelaWolf - Mixin Up the Medicine Hooottttest Hip Hop Track in Nov!!!

Oh and by the way, Kane Beatz you are officially on my antennas is up...I see you especially on this track (props to Smoking Section for the assist).


Here's a bonus joint from that aforementioned crazy white tatted Alabama rising superstar with flow known as YelaWolf. Give his new track a moment of your time if you would...

Bonus: YelaWolf - Pop the Trunk Don't Sleep on Yela!!! Hott!!


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