Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Streets are Hungry....B.O.B. - I Feed These Streets

Just as I was about to anoint Wale as the second best new comer of the 2009 Freshman Hip Hop Class (behind Kid Cudi), B.O.B. sends a shot over the bow with this track titled I Feed These Streets.

The track is loaded with such a backwoodsy southern swagger, it's addicting. People are starting recognize that there hasn't been someone who has been able to pull off the same southern drawl and coherent lyrics since T.I. Anecdote 1:

"Therefore I handle flows
With that Atlanta soul
Even my gramma known that I got that antidote
I'm so exquisite with these lyrics I immaculately spit it
Even though I'm from the South I got that grammar tho'

Make no mistake, this does go hard in the deck, don't let the bluesy chorus throw you off. It's going to take a monster effort to surpass Cudi's Man on the Moon album as the best effort of 2009 class, but I do believe B.O.B. has the right energy mixed with lyrics to challenge him. I'll elaborate on my thoughts about Wale in my upcoming album review of Attention Deficit, but for now let's let Bobby Ray enjoy the limelight with this above average effort that momentarily monopolized my eardrums and put the rest of the Hip Hop world on the back burner this week.

B.O.B. - I Feed These Streets


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