Friday, September 12, 2014

Videos of the Week September 12

If you were to ask me what word describes this week's top 5, I'd use the word silly. Aside from Chris Brown reflecting on what it took to finally grow up, there a lot of tom foolery. The biggest and (to me) most entertaining video was the baby black bear playing with the pin on the green. I don't know why but those types of genuinely authentic moments I find really entertaining. Channing Tatum just invented an interesting way to "shake hands" and deadmau5 felt the need to take his new McLaren 650S out for a spin to promote his web series and Uber. Pretty sure I would have lost it if he showed up to pick me up. Finally, I got super nostalgic watching Jimmy Fallon and everyone's favorite Sesame Street characters. Sure, it was doubly funny hearing them read funny tweets, but I grew up on that and it will never get old...#LoveSesameStreet
deadmau5 Drives For uberX

The D*ck Graze by Channing Tatum

Baby Bear Circus Act on Golf Course

Jimmy Fallon - Sesame Street Hashtags #WhenIWasAKid

Chris Brown on How Him and Drake Are Cool With Each Other

Photo Credit: YouTube


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