Monday, September 22, 2014

Abandon Ship is Coming, Go Boss Mode

With every new leak the hype for Knife Party's Abandon Ship keeps building. Their new one, Boss Mode, grows in intensity as the track progresses. I'd call the track organized, but increasingly loud and hard hitting. It won't melt your face or anything, but you'll find yourself nodding your head more and more with each bass hit.

To this point Knife Party has showcased a few different styles. They have skewed slightly Indie Pop with Begin Again and kept it real with their quirky synth led Resistance. Between the three songs, it's tough to get a consistent bead on what Abandon Ship will sound like. As a fan of both variety and just about everything Knife Party puts out, I hope they keep dabbling and pushing the limits of what we know they are capable of doing...#BossMode

Knife Party - Boss Mode


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