Saturday, September 06, 2014

So Much Dillon Francis, I Can't Take It

With every passing day, I feel like I hear about a new, epic Dillon Francis collaboration. First it was the snippet with Kygo, then yesterday we all got wind of a quasi-joke, quasi-awesome Flintstones remix with Martin Garrix (below)...

Needless to say, the hype is building for Dillon's upcoming album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. A few weeks back, I dropped the ball on posting his latest single, I Can't Take It. That wasn't by design and as a result, today is a bit of a make up post. The track is another shining example of the potential of Moombahton, featuring echoing synths and bouncy bass. It's a tough task, but somehow Dillon always seems to live up to post-drop expectations...#DillonFrancis

Dillon Francis - I Can't Take It


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