Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knife Party Press the Reset Button and Begin Again

Up until this point, I've closely associated Knife Party with hard driving, almost haunting drum and bass combinations that are 80% rage and 20% harmony. Unless we're all being thrown for a loop, their second single off their upcoming album is a stark contrast to their previous releases. It's as if Rob Swire decided to channel Pendulum's sound and mesh it with the sound he and Gareth have created so far with Knife Party. I'll be honest, the 80s style synthesizers throughout definitely threw me for a loop, but the energy level of the song was very Knife Party-esque.

Before you get all "WTF this isn't Knife Party", you might want to do a bit of research on how they evolved into Knife Party. I applaud them for creating a funk driven track with vocals that goes directly against their usual style. Abandon Ship will be here in just over a month (Oct 27) and if you're like me, your excitement levels are appreciating by the day...#AbandonShip

Knife Party - Begin Again


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