Thursday, February 08, 2018

"I Am Not a DJ, This is Not a Replay"

When I think of Keys N Krates, I think of hype, high pitches samples and bangin' trap music. That's not to say their new album isn't that, but Cura strikes me as much more melodic and break-beat heavy than I'm used to. It's as if they're trying to channel their inner DJ Premier with more Hip Hop sounding beats that are sprinkled with live instrumentation.

Music To My Ears epitomizes the whole live instrumentation generalization I made above. The high-pitched strings and soothing vocals of Tory Lanez produce an overwhelmingly jubilant, feel-good vibe on the track. It's much more mellow than some of my favorites from Keys N Krates like Treat Me Right, but I can appreciate how their style has evolved over the year. Their trap sound has always done a solid job of mixing both Hip Hop and EDM flavors, so the fact that their new album slants a little more heavily toward Hip Hop is all good with me. Check it on iTunes or Spotify if you're as intrigued by their ability to exist on the wide spectrum from EDM to Hip Hop...#Cura

Keys N Krates feat Tory Lanez - Music To My Ears


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