Sunday, December 17, 2017

"My Sins Need Holy Water, Feel It Washing Over Me"

It's been a relaxing two weeks off for the GWDJ crew, but we're back after it starting with the most eye opening collaboration in recent memory. I say that with hesitancy as Eminem's new album is chalked full of interesting, high octane efforts like the one below. The sheer novelty of hearing Ed Sheeran's quietly powerful vocals mixed with Em's forceful bars is hard to put into words. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the gruff tone Eminem showcases on his new album, but there's no questioning his vigor and energy on the mic is alive and well. There's a lot to comb through with Revival, including collabos with Alicia Keys, Skylar Grey, and Pink to name a few, but early reviews have been positive. You can bet that as we put together a few end of 2017 mixes, there will be plenty of Eminem sprinkled throughout...#Revival

Eminem feat Ed Sheeran - River


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