Wednesday, December 27, 2017

" Go Dung, Go Dung, Go Dung, Go Dung, Go Dung"

Credit Major Lazer for being the first group to blend reggae/dancehall influences into one of the more exciting sounds in EDM today. Other than speaker rattling bass, you never really know what's going to be under the wrapping paper when you press play on a new track of theirs. Their new one below prominently features vocals from Trinadad and Tobago's own Kes. Feel good doesn't scratch the surface on the vibe of Go Dung. The upbeat, booty-shake inducing beat mixed with the smooth island-flavored vocals make for a fun track all-around. There's even a Major Lazer-esque repetitive, tribal hook to contrast against the smooth lively steel drum sprinkles mixed throughout. Despite not being available on Spotify or iTunes yet, feel free to stream this one to your heart's content on Soundcloud...#GoDung

Major Lazer feat Kes - Go Dung


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