Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Entourage Season 6...Different, But Better Than Expected

First of all if you haven't watched Entourage, you need to. At least give it a chance and please don't use the excuse that you don't have HBO because as we all know, you can watch anything online for free these days.

As far as Season 6 is concerned, it was definitely not what I was expecting. I envisioned another Vinny Chase + Ari Gold driven Season that would be dominated by Vinny's struggle or rise again to the top of the movie industry. That wasn't even close to the main theme this season as the writers decided to invest heavily in the supporting characters and somewhat elevate them to "star" status, in some ways putting them on Vinny's level.

It starts off with Turtle, whom before Season 6 was on the bottom of the totem pole when it came to being more than an auxiliary member of the Entourage crew, and we didn't really know more about him other than he could drive Vinny around and he hustled to make ends meet. After a season dominated by his dream come true relationship with Jamie Lynn and his out of nowhere motivation to go back to school at UCLA, he was abruptly left with his heart on his lap by Jamie at the end of Season 6. I look forward to Season 7 and seeing where Turtle goes with his college journey and seeing if he stays in touch with Jamie. Despite Turtle being heart broken on TV, he's still he's still managing to out kick his coverage in real life,as he has been dating Jamie Lynn Siegler for almost a year now. Go Turtle!

...which brings us to our next Season 6 pimp/relationship car wreck Eric Murphy. For me he stole the show this season and for the most part was the main character. So many episodes were spent detailing his move from his own Management company to Murray Berenson's company and his roller coaster dating live involving Sloan and Ashley. Midway through the season I asked you all whom E would end up with and 58% of you accurately chose that he would eventually end up with Sloan.

To be completely honest, I really liked E with Ashley because I had always though he was over-extending himself with Sloan and they had never really been on the same page the way E and Ashley seemed to be. Too bad, like so many relationships, trust became an issue and it ended violently with E breaking it off with Ashley. Needless to say, the finale was epic with E's proposal just when you thought there was no chance in hell they would ever work out, which provided a feel good ending to a great Season. We'll see how engaged life turns out in Season 7, but I anticipate E's role in Season 7 being more about his career life than chasing after women...that is unless he starts getting a bored with Sloan and adding gas to that spark he has with his new secretary. Now 87% of you thought Sloan was clearly hands down sexier than Ashley, which I reluctantly agree with...but the plot thickened at the end of Season 6 with Kate Mara, or Brittany as she is known on the show, joining the show. Her influence could make his new engagement to Sloan a little more interesting because she is lil red-headed dime piece in my humble opinion.

Exhibit 1:

Let's just hope she manages to be less psycho than Ashley so that it will be an interesting Season 7.

Now I couldn't go through a Season 6 review without mentioning Johnny Drama. He has always been good for the one liners throughout the first 5 seasons, but this season he seemed to actually make something of himself when he ended up with a holding deal after being turned down for his Melrose Place gig. It seems like Season 6 all Drama really did was play the skeptical friend who tried standing up for every single crew member of Entourage. He stood up for Vinny with the stalker, stood up for Turtle when he thought Jamie was getting hit on and continued to constantly badger E about his Sloan/Ashley dilemma. I hope he continues to get more lines in Season 7.

I also really liked the whole Ari and Lloyd subplot. As usual, Ari had the best lines of Season 6, here is a 5 minute clip of Ari's best Season 6 lines:

I can't wait for his conquest to take over the world in Season 7 since he just took over Terrance McQueick's agency. I also gotta give Perrey Reeves (Ari's wife) some credit, she plays her character well, putting up with all of Ari's crap and still managing to reel him back to real life and keep his ego in check on an episode by episode basis.

All in all Season 6 was a very pleasant surprise and solidified my belief that Entourage is the best show on TV right now hands down.

Last thing, for those of you who missed the end of the credit tirade that Matt Damon went on at the end of Season 6, go ahead and check it out, it's hilarious. You won't get it unless you watched the episode, but its still funny and great acting.

Side Note: Interesting rumor that Vinny chase is hooking up with Ari's wife in real life.


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